Full Prescribing Information

What is PrestaliaDirect?


PrestaliaDirect is a membership program that helps your patients manage their blood pressure while saving time and money. With PrestaliaDirect, they can eliminate trips to the pharmacy and lower their prescription costs.

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Who is eligible for membership?

There are no requirements for eligibility. Any patient with a doctor’s prescription can enroll in PrestaliaDirect.

What is the cost of membership?

There is no cost to the physician to participate in the program and there are no out of pocket costs for commercially insured patients. Cash patients will be charged $29.95 for a monthly supply of Prestalia.

How do my patients enroll in the program?

Send your patient’s Prestalia prescription to a participating pharmacy network. A Prestalia customer service representative will contact your patient upon receipt of the order.

“The Prestalia Direct Program has had a huge impact on patient compliance. Personal outreach from program representatives takes customer service to a whole new level. My patients are much more consistent with their dosing and it shows.”

- Rochester, NY Physician