Full Prescribing Information

What is PrestaliaDirect?

PrestaliaDirect is a membership program that helps you manage your blood pressure while saving you time and money. With PrestaliaDirect, you can eliminate your trips to the pharmacy and lower your prescription costs.

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Who is eligible for membership?

There are no requirements for eligibility. If your physician prescribes Prestalia, you can enroll in PrestaliaDirect.

What is the cost of membership?

There are no out of pocket costs for commercially insured patients. Cash patients will be charged $29.95 for a monthly supply of Prestalia.

How do I get my FREE blood pressure monitor?

Your blood pressure monitor will be shipped directly to you, free of charge immediately after you return your voucher card provided by your physician.

“I received my medication quickly at my door, at a cost comparable to traveling to the pharmacy but with PrestaliaDirect I have been able to track my progress and share with my physician better than before.”

- Atlanta, GA Patient